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Pre Approval at My Home and The River

Hello. I’m Steve Cooke and I have known and worked with Geoff Kerkow at My Home and The River estate for a number of years.

Buying or building anywhere is a big decision.

That’s why using our Pre Approval service is very popular. It helps make thing a lot easier to deal with.

What is a Pre Approval?

Pre Approval is when a lender formally tells you what they are prepared to lend you to buy or build a new home.

And you can do this before you have found your dream home.

Pre Approvals are available to you for up to six months with some of our lenders, and this is a free service.

It’s great if you’re not sure how much you can afford, or how much you can shop around.

It is portable

You can use it anywhere. Although you may be interested in My Home and The River, you can use the Pre Approval at another location if you find that is where your dream home is.

There is no obligation

If you don’t find what you want, or you decide not to buy or build a new home, then the Pre Approval just lapses. There is no obligation to proceed.

There is no cost

Pre Approval is a service we offer to make it easier for you. It gives you time, information and knowledge so you can make a calm and considered decision.

Buying or building a new home should be fun and enjoyable. But it’s also serious business. It’s a big step.

A Pre Approval will give you time and help you make the right choices.

Getting started is easy. Just send me your info in the form below and I will send you all the information so you can pre approved. You’ll be glad you did!

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