Your Guide to Buying & Selling Property

Buying and selling property can be challenging, even if you have bought and sold a home before. This is because the real estate market is constantly changing, and can be hard to keep up with! Changes in interest rates, unemployment and rises in the cost of living are all factors that can affect the buying and selling property market.

Our Buying and Selling Property Guide covers all the big issues of buying and selling property, including:

  1. Whether you should buy or sell first;
  2. How much property costs, borrowing power, government grants and your savings dictate to your ability to buy a property;
  3. Different property loan types, features and sales contacts;
  4. How to find the right property, and then how to buy it;
  5. How much selling will really cost you; and
  6. How to settle on a price for your property, and how you can best prepare it for sale.

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