Home Loans

Just choosing the lowest interest rate is not necessarily the best option for clients. We conduct independent thorough research and compare all loan products from over 25 lenders. There is not one lender fits all when it comes to home loans. Each client’s individual circumstances are reviewed and we then present the best possible product to suit the needs of our client.

We connect you with the best options in loans no matter what phase of your investment life.

Whether it is your first home or you are renovating. Or you are buying an investment property and you would like to purchase it inside your super fund. We have options for you.

At any one time we are able to connect you with up to 100 loan options from up to 25 lending institutions.

This means that you are able to sit down with us and work together to tailor make your loan.


If you have not found the home of your dreams yet then we recommend pre-approval. Our lenders can give up to six months pre-approval and this gives you two things:

  1. You will know exactly what you can look for, and;
  2. You will have up to six months to find it.

Our loan process is thorough, but not daunting. One of the benefits of using our services is that you will have someone you can lean on if you are not sure what is happening. And you will have someone to sort things out if they go off track.

To find out more please call or send a question to Steve and the team.