Documents You Will Need

The documents we have indicated are required from all loan applicants…


Income & employment details:

Letter from employer showing salary, any allowances, period of employment, employment status (full time, part time, etc)

Copies of 3 most recent pay slips

Copies of last 2 years Group Certificates &/or tax returns

Copies of documents relating to any income from Government departments

If investment property: copy of tenancy agreement or letter from managing agent



Last 2 years’ full business financials (balance sheet & profit & loss statement) including Trust if applicable

Last 2 years’ personal & business tax returns including Trust if applicable

Last 2 years’ tax assessment notices

If low doc loan: letter from accountant confirming period of self-employment


Details of the property you are purchasing :

Copy of the signed purchase contract                         }   Not Required for Loan Pre-Approval

Evidence of any deposits paid on the property            }   Not Required for Loan Pre-Approval

Confirmation of sale of existing property

If building a house: plans, building contract, specifications, land contract or indicative quote


Details of your assets & liabilities:

Copies of last 3 months’ bank statements showing salary payments and savings

Copies of last 6 month’s statements for all loan accounts & current payout figures

Copies of most recent credit card statements

Evidence of any investments: shares, life insurance, etc

Copies of most recent superannuation statements

Copies of rates notices for existing property

Evidence of funds to complete purchase and associated costs

First Home Owners Grant application form



Originals of personal identification documents as per the Anti Laundering Money Act requirements.

Clear copy of current drivers licence front and back

Clear copy of current Passport or Birth Certificate