Milestones in the Home Loan Process

Getting the keys to your new home takes a little work. But we are here to help with that.

Here are the steps to that process so you know what to expect.


Step 1: Gathering Information and getting ready.

Being prepared makes the rest of the process smooth.

So it’s important to have a good think about your circumstances, such as your finances and commitments. How much deposit you’ve saved? Does a particular style of loan appeal to you? And what are your current and future lifestyle requirements?

We’ll help you go through those questions and show you how to:

  • Identify the costs
  • Take stock of your finances
  • Determine the best deposit options

We will also help you to determine which is the best loan for you. And give you a checklist of all the documents you need to gather.


Step 2: Meet with Steve and the team.

Now you can sit down and discuss how the loan will work for you and ask lots of questions from Steve and the team.

It’s to make sure you have assessed your future needs and make sure you know about the different loan types that may be available to you.

Just call on (07) 3200 3681

Or you can book an appointment online here.


Step 3: Applying for the loan

With our help we now make a formal application for the loan and obtain a pre-approval for you.

A pre-approval is especially handy if you are still looking for your home as you now know what property you can look for.


Step 4: Approvals

Once the application and documentation have been submitted, the lender will verify some of the information and undertake a credit check. They will review any conditions relating to the loan. They will also, if necessary, undertake a valuation on the property and conduct any title, or other necessary searches.

We will advise you if we need any additional information, and call to let you know once your loan is formally approved.

We’ll also let you know of any outstanding conditions that apply to your loan.


Step 5: Documentation

When your home loan contract is issued, we check everything thoroughly. But it’s important that you also check through all of the documentation.

When you are happy that it’s accurate, you’ll need to then sign, date and return the necessary documentation to us as soon as possible to avoid any delay.


Step 6: Settlement

Once all the documentation requirements are met, the loan funds will become available to you.


The keys to your new home will be handed over following settlement and you can move in and enjoy your new lifestyle.