Thinking about Property Investment?


Despite all the talk, rumors and regulatory pressures on Lenders, Investment Property Loans are still available. The structure, parameters and Lenders appetites may have changed in the last two years, however these loans are still a viable proposition.

Some guidelines to consider are as follows;

  • Maximum LVR (loan to value ratio) of 90% including LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) For loans above 80% LVR repayments must be Principal and Interest. For loans below 80% interest only payments are accepted.
  • Deposit of 10% plus purchase costs (5% of this deposit must be genuine savings over a three month period).
  • Family Guarantee for security is accepted. This will eliminate LMI & costs can be borrowed. 
  • Multiple security is accepted. This may also improve equity and eliminate LMI.

We have formed a partnership with Investment Property Advisers, Mercer & Cooper to assist in providing you with the right advice for your first or next investment property purchase.

With a background in Financial Planning, their sole purpose is to make sure you choose an investment property that you can afford, whilst still getting the most out of your portfolio.

They believe in keeping it simple and they’ll hold your hand every step of the way, if you need them to.

Would you like to have an Investment Property? Talk to us.